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Mikhail Antonov (XIX century)

He was born in St. Petersburg in the middle class family.
 Initial education in the home.
 From 1838 until the beginning of 1840 he studied painting at A.G.Venetsianova , the summer months spent at his estate in the Tver province Safonovka.
 introduced in 1840 to promote the exhibition of the Society Artists six paintings created under the guidance of Venetsianov.
 Later, as a student attending volnoprihodyaschego the IAH in St. Petersburg. Engaged in the first class of historical painting in PV Basin , then in the landscape - the M.N.Vorobeva .

 In 1841, for the painting "Winter Garden of the Winter Palace" was awarded a small silver medal in 1843 - for "painting" - a large silver. Received a pension from OPH.

 In 1845, as discovering "the remarkable talent and perspective in landscape painting" is directed to the prince P.N.Lopuhinu "to remove the species from life in his estate" Korsun Kiev province and writing scenery southern provinces of Russia.
 In December of the same year created the painting "View staircase of the Winter Palace ", which is played out by the Company to promote artists in public art lottery.

 In 1848 was awarded the title of a free artist perspective painting.
 participated in exhibitions IAH.  worked primarily as a landscape painter, wrote interiors, executed copies of the works of the old masters.

 Works Antonov are in several museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery.


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