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Antonelli Dmitry Ivanovich

The seven-year child at the highest command the future artist Dmitry Ivanovich Antonelli was attached to the Academy of Fine Arts.

The main mentor of the pupil of the Academy became a famous painter GI Ugriumov , under whose leadership the youth, since 1809, was regularly able to put all the academics medals: two small and large silver (1809, 1810), a small gold for the program "Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich gives warriors brought him water in a helmet wears out from thirst simple soldier, whose sim napoivaet "(1811) (one name is worth a lot, you do not say, composition number 37). Finally, in 1812, D. Antonelli graduated from the Academy, received for his film "Nizhny Novgorod citizen Kozma Minin, entices citizens to heart donation of the property to save the fatherland "a gold medal, diploma of the first degree and the right to pensionerstvo.

In the future, the artist painted portraits of the solid, including Nicholas I, Catherine II, Maria Feodorovna, Alexandra Feodorovna. For the portrait of IP Martos (1820), the same Ivan Martos - Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in sculpture, author of the famous standing on the Red Square in Moscow Monument to Minin and K. DM Pozharsky, DI Antonelli was promoted to Academician.

The artist was known as the author of a number of icons and images of the churches of St. Petersburg, many of them painted lampshades, engaged in other pious works. DI Antonelli was not as talented as many of his contemporaries, but still full of them wore high skills and serve the development of Russian art.

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