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Anisfeld Izrailevich Boris

Born in the town of Balti (Bessarabia) 2 (14), October 1878. He studied at the Odessa School in G.A.Ladyzhenskogo and K.K.Kostandi (1895-1900). He also studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1901-1909), a master Ilya Repin and DN Kardovsky . Was a member of the "World of Art" (from 1910), participated in exhibitions of "Union of Russian Artists."

He is famous scenic imagery of dreams and fairy extravaganzas (Eastern Legend, 1905, Tretyakov Gallery, The Enchanted Lake, 1914, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg); aspired to a special, surreal color sonority. The most organic way of expression was his art theater. He made his debut as a designer, designed the play Wedding Zobeide on G.fon Hofmannsthal (1907, Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, directed by Meyerhold).

 From 1909 he worked for the "Russian Ballet" Sergei Diaghilev, performing sets from sketches LS Bakst and other artists. Independently designed the ballet to the music of Underwater Rimsky-Korsakov (1911, "Russian Ballet" SPDjagileva), Islam M.A.Balakireva (1912, Mariinsky Theatre, choreographer M.M.Fokin) Preludes F . Liszt and Seven Daughters of the Mountain King A.A.Spendiarova (1912-1913, entreprise Anna Pavlova in Berlin), Egyptian Nights A.S.Arenskogo (1913-1914, entreprise M.M.Fokina in Berlin and Stockholm), Spectre de la Rose K.M.Vebera the music and the music of Frederic Chopin's La Sylphide (1914, entreprise V.F.Nizhinskogo in London) and several others. Identity embodies the typical "beautiful theater" modern tendency to become stage action in the plotless, colorful, "pure music" show.

In 1917 Anisfeld went through Siberia and the Far East to Japan, and in 1918 he settled in New York. Cooperated with the theater, "the Metropolitan Opera," and since 1921 - and with the Chicago Opera. After moving to Chicago (1928), up until 1957 he taught at the local Art Institute. Actively worked as easel, creating paintings in the spirit of arts and lyrical expressionism in the 1940-1950-ies performed a series of paintings on the Gospel themes.

Anisfeld died in Waterford (, Connecticut) December 4, 1973.


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