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Ivanov Mikhail Matveevich (1748-1823)

Author of landscapes, genre scenes of battle and Mikhail Matveevich Ivanov was born in St. Petersburg and studied from 1762 to 1770 at the Academy of Fine Arts. He studied successfully for finished school with a gold medal for the discharge program, the title of class artist of the first degree and the right to a pensioner's trip abroad. In France and Italy, the young artist went from 1770 to 1779. Accumulated in the trip was enough to obtain the title of "assigned" to the Academy. Major success came as an artist in his homeland.

In 1780, M. Ivanov accompanies most powerful Field Marshal GA Potemkin's campaigns in the southern outskirts of the empire, doing a lot of sketches and watercolors. In 1785, after a series of views of the Crimea and Tsarskoye Selo artist is awarded the title of Academician. And in the future fate favored MM Ivanov. Since 1792, he is the caretaker of a collection of drawings of the Empress Catherine II in the Hermitage. In 1799 he became advisor to the Academy of Fine Arts, and the next - a member of the Academy. Since 1800 MM Ivanov begins teaching: a professor, he led a class battle painting.

 A greater tendency to the landscape respected at the Academy of Fine Arts, MM Ivanov implements as a teacher in 1804 - begins to lead the class of landscape painting. Educational activity is naturally absorbed most of the time, but at the same time bring sustainable material and moral position. Perhaps the reasons mentioned impact on personal creativity MM Ivanov. His name among a wide audience and the experts with years of painting forgotten.

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