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Voronikhin Andrew Nikiforovich (1759-1814)

Of course, Andrew Voronihin is primarily known as a great Russian architect. The Kazan Cathedral and the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg architect brought European glory. Less well known is that Andrew Voronikhin started out as a painter.

He was a serf of Count Alexander Stroganov. Endowed with many artistic talents Voronihin must have been pretty well-known nobleman who often took his fortress in numerous trips around the country. The result of these trips was the album of sketches and watercolors, known as "Travels in Russian painter."

In 1786 Voronihin received his freedom. Note that relations with its former owner did not interrupt. On the contrary, he did many things for the construction and decoration of palaces Count and his family.

In 1794 A.Voronihina for his work "Art Gallery of Count Alexander Stroganoff" awarded the title of "appointed" in academics, in 1797 for the painting "View of the Stroganov cottage in St. Petersburg" - the title of academician of perspective painting and miniatures.

Architectural title AN Voronikhin received later, becoming in 1800 the adjutant professor of architectural class of the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1802 became a professor of architecture and was appointed a member of the Academy.

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