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Voloshin Maximilian Alexandrovich (1872-1933)

Creativity MAVoloshin universal. He proved himself as an original artist and as a poet, translator, art and literary critic.

 Russian intelligentsia in the first third of the XX century. had his face unique messenger, so to speak osmyslitelya all major modern ideas, events and trends in art and literature of Europe and Russia. Voloshin's House, built by him in 1903 in Koktebel, on the east coast of Crimea, was the center of attraction for the Russian intelligentsia of the time.

 In his own artistic creativity Voloshin failed to revive the tradition, rooted in the Japanese landscape engraving - new expressive means to recreate the genre in watercolor landscape meditation. Although Voloshin about two years he studied at the Moscow State University (1897-99), its remarkably versatile knowledge, he was alone, in the 1900s. deeply engaged in the libraries of Europe, listening to lectures at the Sorbonne, traveling. In Paris, he takes lessons in drawing and engraving of the artist E. Kruglikova .

 In the years of apprenticeship Voloshin strives to expand the circle of acquaintances, he learns from everyone. It is located in the center of artistic and intellectual life of Paris and St. Petersburg. Among the key relationships of those years - the meeting with the Tibetan hambulamoy A. Dorzhiyev, AR Mintslovoy theosophists and Annie Besant, anthroposophist R. Steiner.

 Since 1903 Voloshin publishes his stories in "Libra" and the newspaper "Rus". Later, he writes articles on art and poetry magazine "Golden Fleece", "Apollo", the newspaper "Russian artistic chronicle", "Morning of Russia" The total volume of his articles, which are now not lost their value, is not one volume.

 The period of apprenticeship ended in 1907, when thirty-Voloshin, going hard school warring with each other metropolitan ideas (although he never participated in any dissension was), takes the decision to leave in Koktebel.
 Since 1910 he works over monographic articles on K. Bogaevsky , ASGolubkina, MS Saryan, protects the media art of the "Jack of Diamonds" and "Donkey's Tail."

 In 1912, in connection with the notorious attack on the picture I. Repin's "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan" Voloshin against naturalism in art, against the image of violence. In 1913 he published his pamphlet "On Repin," and most of the editorial board of journals are closed to him. Public perceived his performance as a personal attack against Repin - maestro and academician, revered by the public. However, in 1914, the book of articles about the culture of Voloshin's "Faces of creativity." In 1916, he was working on monofafiey of B. Surikov - one of the best books about the artist on the strength of insights into his work.

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