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Welz Avgustovich Ivan (1866-1926)

The artist, the formative years of craftsmanship that comes to the last decades of the XIX century, it was not easy, because he was becoming a contemporary of many brilliant local artists. And in order to find their place in the Russian art striding forward, and required a lot of talent, and a considerable commitment.

 And, both were in Ivan Avgustovich Welz, who was born in Saratov and enrolled in 1885 at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. During training, showed the ability to landscape painting, and therefore "went all in the medals," silver and gold at the end of training.

Received in 1891 a gold medal for the view of the estate Tentetnikov, J. Welz at the rank of class artist of the first degree in serving business trips abroad - Imperial Academy of Arts strictly complied with its charter.

IA work Welz became widely known since the days of his training at the Academy. He used his summer trip to the Crimea, in the surroundings of St. Petersburg to present to the academic exhibition embodied in the colors of the beautiful nature spots, stop look young painter: Early spring, cloudy, sunrise in the Crimean mountains, night in St. Petersburg, Park in the Crimea, Yalta, Village Gursuf, Kokoz Hamlet in the Crimea. These and many similar particles of beauty went home after the show in private collections in many cities of Russia.

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