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Konstantin Vasilyev (1942-1976)

Konstantin Vasiliev was born in Maikop (Adygea AO) during the German occupation of the city. From 1949, he lived in the village Vasilyevo near Kazan.

 Love of painting in the boy woke up early. His special talent was noticed, and his parents to send him to Moscow art boarding school. Then he studied at the Kazan Art School (1957-1961). He worked as a teacher of drawing and painting in high school, a painter and decorator.

 The artistic heritage Vasilyeva, which includes more than 400 works, extensively: paintings, drawings, sketches, illustrations, sketches, painting a church in Omsk.

 The works of the early 1960's. marked influence of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism ("string", 1963, "Abstract Composition", 1963).
 At the end of 1960. abandoned the formalistic search, worked in a realistic manner.

 Vasiliev turned to folk art: Russian songs, epics, tales, Scandinavian and Irish sagas, to the "Edda poetry." Created works on mythological themes, heroic themes of Slavic and Scandinavian epics of the Great Patriotic War ("Marshal Zhukov", "Invasion", "Parade of the forty-first," "Homesickness", all - 1974).
has also worked in the genre of landscape and portrait ("Swans", 1967, "Northern Eagle", 1969 "At the Well", 1973, "Waiting", 1976, "The Man with Eagle Owl", 1976).
 Author graphic series of portraits of composers and musicians: "Shostakovich" (1961 ), "Beethoven" (1962), "Skryabin" (1962), "Rimsky-Korsakov" (1962), and others; graphic cycle to Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (1970.).

 Member of the Republican exhibition "Artists satirists of Kazan" (Moscow, 1963), shows a Zelenodol'sk and Kazan (1968-76). In the 1980s and 90s. held a number of solo exhibitions Vasilyeva in many Russian cities, as well as in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Spain.

 The memorial museum opened in the village. Vasilyevo (1996), Art Gallery of Kazan (1996) and Konstantin Vasiliev Museum in Moscow Lianozovo Park (1998). Komsomol Award Tartary them. Jalil for a series of paintings about the Great Patriotic War (in 1988).

 Konstantin Vasilyev was tragically killed - was shot down with a friend at a railway crossing passing train. It happened Oct. 29, 1976. He was buried in the village Vasilyevo. Constantine was buried in a birch grove in the same forest where he loved to visit.

 In 1984, the family moved to Vassiliev Kolomna town near Moscow, where she carried all owned by the artist's paintings. The museum occupies part of the dwelling house, includes the memorial apartment of 53.3 m2. The basis of the exposure of memorial collection passed to his sister V.A.Vasilevoy artist and his friends.

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