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Terebenev Mikhail Ivanovich (1795-1864)

At the beginning of the XIX century Russian painters, sculptors, architects and hope to hunting gave their very young sons, who showed some aptitude for drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in education.

The son of the sculptor Mikhail Terebenev became a student of the Academy at age eight. The first success came to a teenager in 1810 when he won his first silver medal. It was followed by other medals that were awarded the academics for the successful development of training programs.

In 1815, M. Terebenev receives a gold medal and the title of the class for the artist diploma program "Russian peasant wedding." Then he went to as a pensioner of the Academy of Fine Arts in Europe, stay in which the young artist has enriched the presentation of world art.

On his return, MI Terebenev becoming known as the author of paint in oils or watercolors, portraits and candid scenes of popular life. He works in a difficult genre of miniatures. The artist has been steadily increasing his skills, the growth of which is supported by the decisions of the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1824 he was awarded the title of "assigned" to the Academy, and in 1830, MI Terebenev became an academician of the miniature "Portrait of the sculptor V. Demuth-Malinovsky." It is known that the thumbnail - the work is private, and because our time has come to not much of an artist work well together.

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