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Pasha Nikolai Semenovich (1835-1869)

Among the fourteen potential graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, which refused in 1863 to write papers on a given topic direction ("revolt of fourteen"), and Nikolai Semenovich was Pasha.

Showing a child a serious penchant for drawing, N. Pasha did not go according to the family - the merchant business, and in 1855 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts. In it, he proved himself an apt pupil in the class of historical and portrait painting in exchange for their students' work set the silver medal. In 1862, comes to him and the real success: for the painting "Ivan III tearing Khan's letter" N. Pasha is a small gold medal. This is followed by participation in the said protest and out of the Academy for a year before graduating to the rank of class artist of the second degree.

 However, by this time, NS Pasha was quite professional and promising artist. Already in 1865 for "Portrait of a Governor-General of Eastern Siberia, MS Korsakov's "painter was awarded the title of academician and fame. Quick success, turbulent life and the lack of a solid pillar of the internal led NS Shustova to sudden mental illness and rapid death. "Glory - the smoke." Often in the world and, consequently, Russian art prodigies forget about this age-old wisdom.

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