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Schulz Karl Karlovich (1823-1876)

Karl Karlovich Schultz worked in the middle of the XIX century, when virtually all artistic life was influenced by the Academy of Arts.

The practice of awarding the title of the Academy (and it is for many years had a monopoly on it) was such that few artists, genre painters of the time received, as a rule, the title of the third power of the artist, leaving the title of class artists of the first degree of painters working in the genre of historical painting with the inevitable execution of a given program.

 It is therefore not surprising that, after a seven-year stay in the position volnoprihodyaschego student of the Academy (1843-1850) KK Schultz received the title of class artist. His creative ambitions have been directed to a low genre.

However, the persistence of the painter is deeply respect: in 1855 he was recognized as "designated" in academics for the painting "Home Stage". The following year, the artist took place to be even more important event: the painting "The Apprentice carpenter asks the hands of his master's daughter," the artist brings honor and well-deserved title of Academician.

The scenes of life in the Russian folk art hard fought their way. Recall that before the organization of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions with his big weight of the representation of genre paintings remained fifteen years - in 1870.

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