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Steuben Karl Karlovich (1788-1856)

In one of his articles, the main promoter of Russian art of the XIX century, VV Stasov, among others, the once well-known, but the last third of the XIX century, pretty half-forgotten artists, and attributed Steuben Charles, who as a child with his father, an officer in Württemberg, moved to Russia.

In St. Petersburg, the young Charles attended the Academy of Fine Arts, where he received a solid foundation artistic skills. At one time he was a page in the royal court, and therefore with high patrons he was able to go to Paris, is gradually becoming a center of European painting. In France, K. Steuben worked in the workshops of David Lefebvre and Gerard.

In France and Russia, he became widely known after the Paris Salon (1812) has put his painting "Peter the Great in a storm on Lake Ladoga." Subsequently, a lot of working, C. Steuben painted pictures of scenes from the ancient, medieval and Russian history. His paintings of romantic drama portrayed, was well arranged and painted different colors superimposed spectacular. For high skill and great contribution to developing the friendship of France and the Russian artist was awarded the title of Baron by the French government.

In 1843, Karl received a Steuben St. Petersburg order to perform a number of images to St. Isaac's Cathedral, on which he worked until 1854. And it was a recognition of the great skill of the artist.

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