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Sukhodolskiy Petr (1835-1903)

We have repeatedly pointed out that art, fine including appropriate liken the mountainous country that are different in form and height of the peaks are based on the high plateau. And the larger and higher plateau base, the more likely we can assume the presence of this mountainous country capture the imagination of the majestic peaks and cliffs.

Petr Sukhodolskiy just one of those artists that make up the foundation in the example of Russian landscape painting. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where for a decent passing rate regularly received silver and gold medals. For exhaust picture view of the village Zhelnov Kaluga province (1864) P. Sukhodolskiy received the title of class artist of the first degree. His birth has traveled to Russia landscapes ("Spring flood of the river Oka," "In the Country", "Oaks", "swamp", "seashore") bear traces of academic education: they are well built, with a clear pattern and well-chosen tonality. In short, they are beautiful, they look nice. No, really, they highlight which distinguishes the original masters from the artist, received a good education and to create a strong, written in full compliance with the memorized pattern.

But so be it must: geniuses are born, good masters of landscape painting are in the presence of the artist a certain given natural talent.

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