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Sychkov V. Fedotov (1870-1958)

Nowadays, few are familiar with the work of the original artist Fedota Sychkov. And in the 1910s, his work was a success not only in exhibitions in Russia, but also in the Paris Salon, where they were eagerly bought art lovers with an interest in the life and art of our country. Peasant girls and young ladies FV Sychkova by popularity approaching Boyaryshnya Konstantin Makovsky, though, and the way of life in the art of the artists were diametrically different.

Childhood was born in a village in the province of Penza Fedota Sychkova, great artistic abilities which were evident from an early age, was in the family, being in hopeless poverty. For boys, there was one goal - to Petersburg with its Academy of Fine Arts. To earn the necessary funds for the trip, a teenager working in icon painting workshop, writes frescoes in churches, carries portraits from photographs.

In 1895, F. Sychkov, graduating from the School of Drawing in St. Petersburg, became a volunteer at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1900 he was awarded the title of the artist's painting "The letter from the war." Subject of farmers, rural festivals - the main to the artist, though he wrote a lot of portraits, landscapes, still-lifes.

Died FV Sychkov in Saransk, being honored art worker of Mordovia ASSR.

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