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Serdyukov Gregory (1744-1785)

Reliable information about the life and work of Gregory Serdyukov little.

Yet in the history of Russian art, he takes his place on the right, because our time has come to about a half dozen of the artist. Most of them are kept in the collections of paintings by the leading country in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, Samara Regional Art Museum. Of course, that works representative of the "century portrait" - images of statesmen (Chancellor Count Alexei Petrovich Bestuzhev-Rumin, Admiral Ivan Lukyanovich Talyzina, chief general Senator Count Roman Vorontsov Illarionovich, Count Pyotr Ivanovich Panin, Count II Vorontsov), and also brave strangers and mysterious strangers.

It is known that the artist was in the service in the Office of the buildings in St. Petersburg. In 1782 he was sent to Moscow to participate in the work on the construction of the Triumphal Arch. In 1865, for achievements in painting was "certified by the second class with the addition of a painter's salary."

As an artist, he worked solidly, because enjoyed great prestige and, apparently, getting frequent orders from the non-poor and influential contemporaries.

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