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Sablukov Ivan Semenovich (1735-1777)

During the formation of the domestic arts in the middle of the XVIII century was an interesting case in which a group of teenage singers court because of their manhood with concomitant breaking vote, passed the case to study art. Among the young man was, and Ivan S. Sablukov, who went to the disciples to the famous painter Count PB Sheremeteva - IP Argunov . Incredibly, the experiment paid off: many choir members have achieved great success in their new art, eventually becoming academics painting. Such a path has passed and I. Sablukov.

 In 1762, he became an associate of the Academy, and in 1765 received the title of academician portraiture. Unfortunately, work, obviously painted by JS Sablukova and come down to our time, just a few. These are portraits of play give some idea of the talent and style of the artist. Note that in the same years as the IS Sablukov, the title of associate and later received a Academician and FS Roars , one of the brilliant Russian portraitists. Some indirect conclusions can be drawn from this comparison.

 I must say that in the first decade of the reign of Catherine II, only created a system of art education in the country: getting to his feet Academy, attempts were made to create art classes and schools in the country. Organizer of the first provincial Drawing School in Kharkov Collegium and became in 1767 IS Sablukov. And for that, it is our appreciation.

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