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Reichel, Karl Y. (1788-1857)

Well with the fact that Carl-Christian-Philipp Reichel was a German by birth. Was he still Jakovlevichem patronymic and a Russian citizen, who in 1801 identified the pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied for a very worthy. In 1807 he received the silver medal in 1808 - two small silver and small gold medal for the execution of the program "Introduce a sculptor, practices in their work."

1809 - Reichel's last year of the Academy, won him a gold medal and a diploma of the first degree with a sword worked perfectly for the program "Introduce a priest, pushing the two young people to the commandments of God." It is so impressive successes accompanied by the Academy of Arts and overseas pensioner's trip, which went Reichel in 1810.

The artist has achieved success in various areas of the fine arts: Engraving in fact, in miniature. Brushes K. Reichel belong portraits of many prominent Russian public figures, among them - AI Herzen, TN Granovsky, PA Vyazemskij. Married to the stepdaughter of the Decembrist AP Yushnevsky artist moved in 1845 with his family by his now widowed mother-and for some time lived in Irkutsk.

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