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Rabus, Karl Ivanovich (1800-1857)

Karl Ivanovich Rabus was a man revered by his contemporaries. Yes, and it was for that respect Russified German. Excellent draftsman and painter, KI Rabus proved to be a remarkable teacher: the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he led a class of perspective and landscape painting, among his pupils learn a lot from his teacher, the young were I. Shishkin and A. Savrasov . And KI Rabus was known as the man who wrote generated interest from colleagues and articles on the art of collecting works of art of their fellow brush.

 Young Carl Rabus enrolled to study at the Academy of Fine Arts (1810), after which (in 1821), he traveled to the south of Russia. He also visited many European countries. For the painting "View of Gurzuf in the Crimea" (1827) won the title of Academician.

In general, it was a real patriot of Moscow, where the artist settled in 1834, and which came to him, they say, the artistic taste. That is why his most famous paintings ("View of the Novodevichy Convent", 1829, "View of Kolomenskoye", 1848, "Spassky Gate in Moscow", 1854) represent the second capital and its surroundings.

In his works, the artist clearly drawn to the truthful perception of nature, although its internal state is detected in her romantic component with a fair amount of little sadness.

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