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Prichetnikov Vasily Petrovich (1767-1809)

Son copyist Commerce College Vasily clerk was given the age of six in an educational school at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In general, the practice of an educational school leads to some interesting reflections. After all, gave him a five-olds (just try to make out at this age the talent of the painter at the Maltz), and many students became eventually known artists. Apparently, the makings of a beautiful creature laid in a much larger number of people than it seems at first glance.

 So Basil clerk was a graduate of the Academy from 1773 to 1788. In the last year of school in the young artist received a small silver and gold medals, as well as the certificate of the second degree. The following year, B. clerk went to the Academy of pensioner abroad. Travel time spent with good, for in 1795 he received the title of "assigned" to the Academy, and in 1800 - for the painting "View from the vicinity of Rome" VP Prichetnikovu awarded the title of Academician. He writes mostly landscapes, and on the situation at that time Italian copy of nature figure prominently in the overall work. In 1803 VP Prichetnikov seeking another social and professional success: his work, "View of Rome" and "View of Pavlovsk" get so much appreciated that the painter appointed advisor to the Academy of Fine Arts.

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