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Postnikov, Sergey Petrovich (1826 - 1880)

Seriously forgotten nowadays Sergey Postnikov was born in Moscow and basic art education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. After that he spent three years (1855-1858) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, but without much success, and therefore was released in 1859 on the historic class artist and portrait painting. Leaving complaints about it in St. Petersburg, S. Postnikov traveling at their own expense to Rome and, more importantly, spends five years of hard work. On his return two of the many brought with him from Italy paintings - "Farewell of Hector and Andromache" and "Bacchante with a tambourine" - gave rise to the award of the title of academician artist (1863) of historical painting.

Italian motifs and in the future will serve as the SP Postnikov when creating paintings, though the artist attracted more biblical stories and the Gospel, which he endured on the web in accordance with the classical settings. Here are some of the artist's works: Christ before Caiaphas, Michelini, an Italian head, David, patient, Rachel, Vespers at chertozintsev in Rome, seminarians in Rome, scene of Roman life, Sunday school at the church of St. Clement of Rome, Martha declares that that Christ is coming. In order to name a picture (or one, two, three of them) have sunk down into the souls of art lovers future generations, it was necessary to give them special, tears overseas academic qualities. For at the same time to the audience took out their works of NN Ge , IN Kramskoj , VD Polenov . Rise to their heights were destined to few.

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