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Popov (Moscow), Alexander Pavlovich (1827-1889)

Facts about the life and work of Alexander Pavlovich Popov (Moscow) a little bit. It is known that as a boy he attended the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture, where among his teachers , AK Savrasov .
Obviously, the family of the young talent has decided to Alexander continued his studies in St. Petersburg, at the Academy of Fine Arts. Volnoprihodyaschim student of this one-time higher art school in Russia Popov began in 1850. In this capacity, he spent fifteen years old when in 1865 he was awarded the title of the class of landscape painting artist of the first degree.

 By that time, the name of Popov was known art-lovers, because of his studies, he repeatedly received from the leadership of the Academy of promotion: a small silver medal in 1858 for "View in Kuntsevo," a large silver medal in 1860 for the landscape "Moscow. Jauzy Beach" , a small gold medal in 1861 for two "view from the vicinity of Moscow."
It should be noted that all of these views are associated with the image of Moscow and its environs. Apparently, the artist regularly visited her, loved her, and in order to differentiate themselves from their namesakes fairly numerous in the artistic environment, he added his name to the very obliging alias.

The last of the famous paintings AP Popov (Moscow) marked 1889. More information about the artist's life in those days no reason.

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