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Pavlovets Nikita Ivanovich (? -1677)

Pavlovetz Nikita Ivanov (ICH) - "painter complained about" the Moscow Armory (the 1668), a native of the village of Pavlovsk district of Nizhny Novgorod.

Works Pavlovets Nikita distinguished elegance of the picture, exquisite colors, an abundance of gold and increased interest in the ornamentation of the free surfaces.
 Representative examples - the icon of "Our Lady - Vertograd prisoner" (about 1670, State Tretyakov Gallery), written in the frame of a lush floral ornament and representing the Virgin in regular garden with parquet like incised with a ruler, an icon of "Christ - The Great Bishop" (Smolensk Cathedral Novodevichy Monastery).

In addition, Pavlovets Nikita were performed:
an icon of Catherine the Great, 1670,
by the beautiful image of the "King of the King" or "Repre queen" in one of the pillars of the Smolensk Cathedral of the Moscow Novodevichy Convent (This image is written in 1672),
two icons of "Our Lady - Life-Giving source ", 1673, with F. Zubov,
local rank of the iconostasis of the church in the village of Moscow district Alekseevskoe, 1674,
the icon of Our Lady of Kazan to Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, 1675;
icon "Christ Almighty," "on the web", ie, on canvas - a rare practice for the XVII century.

He took part in the restoration work, and in 1674 - on the iconostasis of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, and in 1677 - to "gate" the icon of Our Lady of the Sign, which was located on a tower at the Stone Bridge. These works have not survived or their whereabouts unknown.

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