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Oznobishin Egor (1837 -?)

Egor Oznobishin first art education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1854-1857), then moved to St. Petersburg for five years, became volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of Fine Arts (1858-1863).
 budding artist in the Academy and studied in the class of genre painting and scenery that he mastered under the direction of M. Vorobyov and AP Bogolyubov . For landscape works celebrated small and large silver medals. A 1863 four submitted work (Station of mineral water in Soligalich group of oaks, Water Mill, Hunter, caught the storm) EA Oznobishin received the title of class artist of the second degree.

In subsequent years, in addition to painting the artist was engaged in teaching and social work. Lived in 1866 on the grounds of the Don Cossacks, and has done a lot to clean up the archaeological and historical sites of the Don region, Terek and Kuban regions. For the Academy of Fine Arts, he completed numerous drawings of the wooden churches of the Don land. Apparently, the last time he participated in the academic exhibition in 1879 when he exhibited two landscapes: "After the Rain" and "Old Bridge".

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