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Men'kov Mikhail Ivanovich (1885-1921)

 He graduated from a technical school Dvinskikh. In 1912 he entered the Moscow School of Painting at the Sculpture Department, and later transferred to the architecture. Out of school at his own request in October-November 1914. In 1914 - 1915 lives in jail Volyn province, received in 1915 a military school (due to the mobilization).

 Apparently, while studying at the Moscow School of Painting met Malevich and it was under the strong influence. He participated with KS Malevich at the shows. He has released two manifests (1915.1919), which called for the emotional perception of the painting.

 In1921 he wrote AM Rodchenko in the Department of Fine Arts of Yalta: "<...> where to spend the last of my things are in front of me? I am very ill and I am at a given time in a sanatorium. "

 Exhibitions: 1910. Petrograd, 1915 Jack of Diamonds. Moscow, 1917; 1st exhibition of paintings by a trade union of artists of Moscow. Moscow, 1918 8th (without a jury) and 10th ("non-objective art and Suprematism") Public exhibitions. Moscow, 1919; III exhibition of paintings. Ryazan, 1919.

 A follower of Malevich and one of the followers of Suprematism.

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