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Lipgart Ernest Karlovich (1847-1932)

Probably a stretch of Ernest Karlovich Liphart be considered by Russian artist. Not by birth but by education and subject matter of his paintings. But if there are no clear criteria for membership in the fine arts of a country (and they, probably, and should not be), it is possible to adopt some formal signs and follow them. And then with respect to EK Liphart and some other painters (and not only Russian) find sufficient certainty.

 Birthplace of the painter and draftsman in the Baltic Russian city of Dorpat, studied in Italy: Florence and Venice for a long time he lived in Paris, where, working with many art publications, has become known as an excellent draftsman. At the same time EK Lipgart regularly participates in exhibitions of Russian artists living in Paris.

 Since 1887 the artist is actively involved in academic exhibitions in St. Petersburg and began to teach at the Drawing School of the Society for Promotion of Arts. Of course, the subject of his paintings are far removed from the general direction of national art has gained momentum. We list some of the pictures painted by EK Lipgart: "Liberation of Andromeda by Perseus" (1869), "The office of the artist's father in Florence" (1885), "Administration of the judgment of Paris" (1887), "The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins" (1887), "Tourism Model" ( 1888).

 Two pictures of the above, has acquired (1887), a famous collector of Russian art Emperor Alexander III. And this is the "official" certificate of accessories EK Liphart Russian painting.

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