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Krimov Nikolai Petrovich (1884-1958)

In the history of Russian art NP Crimea became not only as one of the best Russian landscape painters of the XX century, but also as a great theorist and teacher of painting.

Born in a family of artists. The initial training received from his father. In 1904, he entered the Moscow School of Painting, where he studied with V. Serov and K. Korovin .

In the first years of study Crimea was so poor that he often could not buy paint and enjoyed by those who scraped from their palettes and canvases wealthier students. This inured Krymova for careful handling of paint and work on small canvases formats.

The talent of the young artist developed quickly. Already one of the first things it yourself - "roof under the snow" (1906) was acquired by Valentin Serov for the Tretyakov Gallery.
Krimov participated in exhibitions of the "Blue Rose", "wreath", CPX. By the end of the school (1911) he was a famous artist. Early work Krymova ("Sunny Day", 1906, "Bullfinch", 1906, "the spring", 1907, "After the Spring Rain", 1908, etc.) can be called moderate impressionistic: separate swab, clean paint a somewhat faded so to say "gentle" and "poetic" - quite in the spirit of the times.
landscapes in the 1910s. ("Moonlit Night in the Forest", 1911, "Winter Rose", 1912, "Evening", 1914, "Edge of the Forest", the second half of the 1910s, etc.) Krimov sought to combine the immediacy of experience with decorative and generalized form with care and subtlety of execution.

Krimov enjoys writing and reflection in the water it when the world was doubled when the sky merges with the ground when there are unexpected breakthroughs spatial ("Morning", 1911, "Night landscape with a house", 1917, "Noon", the second half of the 1910s ). Nature in his paintings as if froze, no matter what the natural state of any artist portrayed, above all dominated by his own poetic and contemplative state.

But sometimes in the works Krymova genre motifs appear with several cheap popular character ("Landscape with a Storm," "Space," both in 1908, and others). In the years Krymova work, with all its originality, yet devoid of integrity, and in the paintings of the artist can be found traces of the effects of different masters - from A. Kuindzhi to K. Somov and Nikolai Sapunov.

However, the key to Krymova always remained alive the emotional perception of nature, alien to him resolutely trendy flimsy construction and uncontrolled experimentation. It has defined the nature of its future development.
 works in the 1920s. - For example, the "Village of Summer" (1921), "In the evening" (1923), "Russian Village" (1925) - Crimea is a classic, in the sense of conscious return to the traditions of Russian realistic painting of the late XIX - early XX century. (Krymova favorite artists - Ilya Repin and I. Levitan ).

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