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Krasnoselskiy Alexander Andreyevich (? - 1875)

At the time, genre paintings of Alexander Andreyevich Krasnoselski attracted the eyes of different ranks of the Democratic audience. Otherwise it could not be, because they were devoted to a generalized image of Russians (the Russians), humiliated or in distress.

 Krasnosel'skii was not tenured academics. Apparently, he combined the civil service with a visit to the Academy of Fine Arts as volnoprihodyaschego student. And reproduced here working and surviving information about the formal successes suggest that Krasnosel'skii was a gifted painter. During the years of training he has received two small and two large silver medals. In 1866 he was awarded the title of the artist the third degree, and three years later - the title of artist of the second degree for the film "The Abandoned", "collection of debts" and "Portrait of Mr. Dodonova."

 Note that in our time job AA Krasnoselski "Collection of arrears" at the State Tretyakov Gallery, as an earlier painting "At the Window" (1864) - at the State Russian Museum. And about the artist's life, especially her last years, the information presently available. Recent portraits of AA Krasnoselski date back to 1873.

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