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Krachkovskii Evstafievich Joseph (1854-1914)

Joseph Evstafievich Krachkovskii is one of those artists whose work has not reached the pinnacle of fine art, painting is the basis of the system. His early landscapes, very realistic passed on the artist's pieces have attracted the attention of the natural environment ("Mill", 1875, "River Smedova the estate of DV Grigorovich Dulebov Zaraiskiy county province of Ryazan", 1876), were written during his studies at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (1871-1880). His teacher was a wonderful artist and teacher , MK Klodt .

 After graduating from the Academy of the artist was in a pensioner's trip (1880-1884) in Europe, where he became acquainted with the exposition of European cities. On his return receives a number of works for the title of academician (1885). In the future, IE Krachkovskii worked as a teacher at the Drawing School of the Society to promote artists, traveled a lot. His landscapes that convey beauty southern Russia, Italy, France, made in the tradition of academic predestination. They are beautiful, balanced, although not devoid of copyright intonations. The artist known for his work attracted many fans of the landscape.

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