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Yeremeyevich Alex Karev (1879-1942)

Creativity of the artist-teacher AE Karev - a bright page in the history of art in Leningrad 1920-30-ies.
 His years of study (1895-98) were held in Saratov, which at that time experienced extraordinary rise of artistic life. In Bogolyubov Drawing School Karev entered the circle of talented youth, where he met P. Kuznetsov , A. Matveev , PS Utkin.

For Saratov very important was the influence of the older, wise artist V. VE Borisov-Musatov , who Karev must understand the basics of painting and pictorial culture.

After further studies in Penza (1898 - 1901) in K. Savitsky and a private art school in Kiev (1901-02) Karev in 1903 is coming to St. Petersburg, where for the next four years working in a friendly Free workshop with A. Matveev , S. B. Chekhonin , PF Smogritskim.

He participates in exhibitions "Crown" Salon "Golden Fleece", "World of Art" (1911). Early creative pursuits Karev associated with Impressionism, Symbolism Borisov-Musatov, activities of associations "Blue Rose", "World of Art". He became a member of the latter in 1917, he devoted much time museum studies, understanding of the classics.

In the still lifes of the 1910s. All these quests are reflected in the complex mix. Karev impressionist understands color as light. We Karev symbolist subjects of still lifes are full of hidden meaning and have an objective existence, but their composition remains a classic. Echoes of creative discoveries "Blue Rose" can be found all over the artistic heritage Karev.

Since the mid 1910's. the artist is drawn to the landscape. Much of his landscape works devoted to the city on the Neva. In the genre of the urban landscape Karev found its special creative "I" with which he entered the history of painting.
Petersburg Love brings him to the masters of the "World of Art", but if those primarily engaged in the history of the city, a psychological drama, hidden behind its majestic buildings, streets, squares, for Karev, who was walking on the path to identify the essence of objects as depicted in still life and landscape in the past, present and future are gathered into a coherent picture the image of a city motif.

Karev has created a poetic and monumental image of the city, and this is not achieved at the expense of their subjects, or the stunning views of the schematic simplification of form, and due to the internal lyrical reflection on the harsh urban space. Often, the artist chose a sublime view of objects in the image, using only pure colors without mixing them on the palette. It is usually a long time working on the product, ensuring the most accurate interaction patches of color, true color palette of sound.

Among the best landscapes created Karev - "Urban Landscape. Vasilevsky Island," "Demonstration of the plant" (both 1926), "Urban Landscape. St. Andrew's Market" (1927), "Neva" (1934). In the 1920s. Karev was a member of the art group "Four Arts". The last twenty years of his life he devoted much effort to teach: Saratov (1920-21), then in Petrograd - the Art and Technical Studios (former TSUTR), and since 1922 in the Higher Art - IZHSA, as well as at the Art School with him (1936-37).

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