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Dmitry Ivanovich Ivanov (1782-1810)

Dmitry Ivanovich Ivanov is one of those artists who in any country make up the majority of persons who have dedicated themselves to the fine arts. They became the masters, but not so large as to leave a significant mark in the history of fine arts. But even without them, none of the art does not exist, because only mass (albeit relative) creates the conditions for the birth of the ordinary. Here Russia - is no exception. And this is true for our times, when hundreds or thousands of young people who have received special education diplomas, make themselves at best scores. So it was during the formation of Russian painting in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

 D. Ivanov was with 1803 students of the Academy of Fine Arts. He studied with renowned master and teacher GI Ugryumova and has proved itself strong academics.

In 1805, the young man gets a gold medal for the program proposed by the honorable lover of the Academy of Fine Arts Count SO Potocki "Present courageous feat of Patriarch Nikon in the Taming of the popular revolt." Even more rewarding was for D. Ivanov in 1806, for which he received the drawings from nature small and large silver medals, the second gold medal for the program "Receiving Vladimir Monomakh Greek ambassadors with rich presents." In the same year he graduated from the Academy with a certificate of the first degree and a sword. And in 1808, DI Ivanov for his film, "Martha Governor's Wife" was awarded honorable mention. It is known that in 1808-1810 the artist as part of the historical and archaeological expedition traveled to Russia, where he completed hundreds of paintings, drawings, copies of ancient architectural structures. Copies of the DI Ivanov and mosaics of Hagia Sophia in Kiev contemporaries considered the most accurate photocopy of the original drawings. Unfortunately, after the 1810 information about the artist's life are absent.

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