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Johanson Boris Vladimirovich

Paintings BV Johansson in Soviet art were considered exemplary, perfectly consistent with the principles of socialist realism.

He studied in Moscow, the first in an art studio P. Kalin (1912), then in the Moscow School of Painting (1913-18).

In the early 1920's. he has found his place in the group of artists who put peredvizhnicheskoy tradition of narrative painting in the service of promoting the new Soviet life. They called themselves AHRR - The Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia.

In these years of painting Johanson dominates the story, a lot of attention is paid to details of the plot. He writes a panorama of buildings: "In the fight against economic ruin" (1922), "The construction of hydroelectric Zemo Avchala" (1925).

Says, clearly indicating their likes and dislikes about the new relationship and orders: "The Soviet court" (1928). Looking for a new social type, "Rabfak goes (Vuzovtsy)" (1928).
set of almost independent episodes full picture of the "Union Station in 1919" (1928).

In 1930., Without giving up the life of specific situations and full-scale painting, the artist seeks to create a kind of Soviet epic. He is looking for images of the "heroes" and "villains" of the new political myth and pushes them in dramatic situations. The significance of the themes coming out, on a plan, beyond a single event, and meet the large size of his major paintings: "The Interrogation of Communists" (1933), "On the old Ural plant" (1937). The key is the last - in a psychological duel master (for this figure posed for the artist AMGerasimov ) with the "best" proletarian. The artist painted the portraits of (among them - the actress DV Zerkalova, 1947; director Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, 1948, etc.).
 And in 1950, under his leadership, a group of artists has created a huge, canvas "Speech Lenin at the III Congress of the Young Communist League "- a typical example of an impersonal then encourages collective creativity.

In the 1940s and 60s. Johanson devoted a lot of time teaching (in IZHSA, MGHI), led the creative workshop of painting of the USSR Academy of Arts in Leningrad, then in Moscow. Since 1962 - President of the Academy of Arts.

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