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Georgian Petro (1837-1892)

The future academician battle painting Petro Georgian studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (1851-1863) under the leadership of Professor BP Villevalde .

The successful attainment of artistic skills of the young artist went in parallel with the performance of fairly complex, multi-image works. In 1860, P. Georgian student receives a small gold medal for the painting gypsy band, and in 1862 - a gold medal which had further success even at international exhibitions Gunib picture taken.

After the Georgian Academy of P. departs at pensioner's trip to Paris, which diversifies the trip to the Caucasus (1865) to carry out preparations for his subsequent work and receive impressions from direct participation in hostilities. For the painting "Leaving villages mountaineers approaching Russian troops" the artist was awarded the title of academician (1872). While on a business trip, PN Georgian besides paintings devoted to military service ("Picket Zouaves on maneuvers in France"), wrote and household composition ("Market in Fontainebleau"). Genre paintings the artist continues to write and to return home. Topics of national life ("Scene of a rural life," "Mowing," "White Stone", "Night," "Carnival," "Three," "Meet returning from church Suite") are also close to the national painter of battle-pieces.

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