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Grassi Joseph Maria (1758 - 1838)

Joseph Grassi was the son of an Italian jeweler, his older brother - the sculptor Anton Matheus Grassi.

 Until 1791 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts united. Because of the conflict in the course of their studies with rukodstvom Academy, Joseph Grassi moved to Warsaw, where he worked from 1791-1794, has won wide popularity as a portraitist.
 During the artist's stay in Warsaw, he created a large number of portraits of Russian and Polish aristocracy, in particular Ya.E.Siversa, Alexandra Branicka, Mary Naryshkina Praskov'ia Gagarin, T.Kostyushko, Jozef Poniatowski, composer M.Oginskogo and many others. Was a friend of the Polish artist - miniaturist and portrait painter Josef Kosinski Kazimierz Voynyakovskim.

 In 1795, Grassi returned to Vienna and lived until 1799 in his hometown.

 In 1799 he was invited to a professor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. Has trained a number of known later artists, among them Antonio Blanco.

 Joseph Grassi was a member of the Roman Accademia di San Luca.

 In 1816-1821 served as a guardian (curator) fellows of the kingdom Saxony in Rome. He worked in Vienna, Warsaw and Dresden, where he died in 1838.

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