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Gampeln Karl Karlovich (1794-1880)

Of course, Karl Karlovich Gampeln was primarily known in the XIX century engraver and lithographer, and consequently, a great draftsman. But in his long creative life, he worked in other techniques of fine art - in particular, has written extensively in watercolor, and oil paintings made him a lot.

K. Gampeln born in Moscow, but as a child was forced to move to Vienna to become a pupil of the school for the deaf (on his return to Russia he was from 1817 to 1821, he worked as a teacher at a school for deaf and dumb).

In Vienna, a young Gampeln learned the fine workmanship in the local Academy of Fine Arts. In Russia, the artist lived and worked first in St. Petersburg, then the rest of his long years - in Moscow.

He became known KK Gampeln for his many portraits. Among them are made in different techniques Image Count NP Sheremeteva, NA Korsakov, SL Pushkin, Earl PP Konovnitsyn Sr. and his son, PP Konovnitsyn, PL Schilling, KY Bulgakov, ON Talyzina, Count AF Langeron, SD Lviv and others.

He left his work and memory of various events in the life of Russian society and its citizens, "tab Moscow River bridge in Moscow" (1830), "Merchant's Lunch" (1834), "The opening of the village Tarutine monument in honor of the victory in World War II 1812 "(1834)," Scenes from the life of serf actresses "(1840 1850). From the artist's paintings, oil paintings, should be called "The scene of the Patriotic War of 1812" and "Seller plaster statues in St. Petersburg."

From the works of KK Gampelna can be found in many museums around the country.

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