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Galaktionov Stepan Fedorovich (1778-1854)

Known as a master engraver and lithography, rather than a painter, Stepan Galaktionov Philippovich was born in St. Petersburg. In seven years, he became a pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts, and left it in the 1800 class artist of the first degree.

The main specialization of the education - making prints. But SF Galaktionov and engaged in purely pictorial works. Image "View of the Imperial Lapidary Factory in Peterhof", he received the title of academician of landscape painting. Note that many of his works the artist also translated into prints.

Since 1817 and until his last days, SF Galaktionov taught at the Academy. In 1830 he was appointed as an advisor and manager of landscape engraving class in 1831 was appointed professor of landscape engraving, in 1851 became a professor emeritus. During these same years, performed more than 200 engravings, was preparing illustrations for fables, IA Krylov, Works AS Pushkin, Nikolai Gnedich, published lithographed rural school types.

Probably landscapes of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, SF Galaktionova not belong to the masterpieces of Russian painting. Still life and highly professional attitude to everything he touched in his work the artist, cause deep respect.

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