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Falileev Vadim Dmitrievich (1879-1950)

Vadim D. Falileev (1879-1950 gg.) - One of the largest Russian engravers of the first quarter of the XX century, the artist, which approved the art of engraving as an independent, equal to the painting

Apprentice VV Mate, Falileev first began working in the art of engraving on linoleum, creating a series of brilliant sheets that have demonstrated broad visual possibilities of this technique.

 Footnote from the book "History of Russian Art" publishing <Science> Moscow 1969.
 "largest master purely decorative easel prints, color prints on the linoleum. Suppleness and softness of the material he could use as a means of transmission in print and original painting of the old masters (Copy {} Portrait Inghirami by Raphael, 1911, eight boards) and the real landscape, seen widely and always colorful.

 Falileev as a master of color linocut, etching and then soon turned to the landscape of the village, sometimes architectural reasons, was fascinated by a wide expanse of the river, on a meadow at the edge of the woods, often encountered in his figure of a man, always realistically transferred; landscapes of Central Russia replaced in his work types of Italy, yarkotsvetnye sunsets - driving rain patterns on the Volga. Art Falileeva as master machine-prints for the first time collected and shown in the exhibition in Moscow in 1917, remained essentially traditional, classic and foreign to any third-party effects, although it was felt familiarity with Japanese woodcuts. For portraits Falileev used lithography, showing a remarkable draftsman it yourself. "

The heyday of the artist is in the middle of the 1910s when, after two academic trips to Europe, he settled in the village of Kenchurka, near the Volga River, where he worked and lived continuously for two years.

In 1923 V.D.Falileev with his wife and daughter had gone through Riga to Stockholm, two years later, they moved to Berlin, where he lived until 1938, then settled in Rome. The artist remained until his death.

 Works V.D.Falileeva are in the State Russian Museum, State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, in many provincial museums in Russia and in private collections, as well as in the State collections in Germany (Berlin) and the USA (Washington DC, New York).

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