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Ezuchevsky Mikhail Dmitrievich (1880-1928)

Michael D. Ezuchevsky (1879-1928) - a famous Russian artist, the historical genre painter, portraitist. The meeting izofonda State Darwin Museum combines various genres of art - animalistic, portrait, historical, landscape, battle, home, interior, scientific illustrations. All they interpret the foundations of evolutionary theory.

One of the most interesting artists of the Darwin Museum was Ezuchevsky Mikhail Dmitrievich (1879-1928). His main vocation was genre painting in which he favored historical subjects. Due to this, the funds GDM presented unique series of paintings, which depicted scenes from the unique life of the great naturalists and thinkers. Heroes of his paintings began to Aristotle, R. Bacon, Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, D. Bruno, Bacon, Newton, GV Leibniz, Kant, Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer.

In 1922, taking a job in a museum, Mikhail Ezuchevsky (1879 - 1928) was already known as a portrait painter, illustrator, an expert on the history, life and costumes of past eras, "master in the field of composition."

MD Ezuchevsky was born to a State Councilor, hereditary nobleman D P. Ezuchevskogo known inventor. Mother Akhmatova (nee Bernhardt) studied at the Moscow Institute for Noble Maidens, classy lady was in one of the girls' schools.

After graduating from military school in 1901 with the rank of lieutenant, Michael Ezuchevsky left in stock. The young man became interested in painting, visiting an artist's studio, NA Martynov, together with VA Wataghin and AF Coates, and then went to France to study, where he graduated from the Paris Academy of Arts. Artist repeatedly went back and returned to Paris. He visited Italy, Spain and North Africa. On these trips the young artist worked very hard and wrote sketches.

In the 1910s, his work began to appear in exhibitions in Russia. In 1914, he presented his work at the Moscow gallery Lemercier, along with A.P . and VM Vasnetsov , IE Repin , MA Vrubel . One of his early work is preserved in the museum of Pereslavl. In March 1914, he participated in the exhibition of Russian artists of the national team in the famous Moscow gallery Lemercier, along with AP Vasnetsov, V. Vasnetsov, IE Repin, MM Germyashevym, MA Vrubel, KI Gorbatov. The newspapers of the time about the work Ezuchevskogo wrote: "Mr. Ezuchevsky in a number of lively and boldly written sketches, transferred to canvas to us live traffic and sultry temperament far Spain, Bizet's music ... burning. Despite the fact that the artist's palette of three or four basic colors, black with advantage, stuff it appear colorful. In the image of the typical Spanish and Spanish girls he did not try to make them beautiful. And just because they breathe truth and beauty. His best things we would call the "Introduction" and "The Spanish theater. '" Another review from the same show: "Close to the exclusivity Ezuchevsky. His Spanish and Parisian tempera and pastel brilliant. In them, the mass movement and temperament ... . " His early works are kept in the museum of Pereslavl, and the irrelevance of the Museum of Art in Moscow (New gallery CHA on the Crimean shaft, gallery 10). This pastels and mixed media 1910-1913-ies.

However, the interests of the artist left off: the First World War. Ezuchevsky was called to active duty.

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