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Jogin Pavel Pavlovich (1834-1885)

Jogin Pavel - landscape painter. He painted views of the surrounding area of ​​St. Petersburg and the various areas of Estonia, Novgorod and Chernigov provinces.

Creativity Pavel Pavlovich Jogin precedes the time of the great discoveries in the domestic landscape painting. His paintings, full of peace and tranquility, bear traces of the academic landscape, which is natural, since it was a good school at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied in the 1850s, and where he received for his first success for school medals.

 At the end mastered the basics of landscape painting P.Dzhogin gets the title of class artist (1863). By this time he was - a permanent member of the academic exhibitions.

 A member of the St. Petersburg Artel of Artists (since 1863). Together with A.V.Gine and. Shishkin working on an album with views of the island of Valaam.
 most famous painting, "" View in Oaks, near St. Petersburg "" (1886). His views of the surrounding area of St. Petersburg and the Baltic States ("View of Estonia in the near Narva", 1872), the nature of the Novgorod and Chernigov provinces ("Type in the Chernigov region", 1876), as well as the beauty of the North ("On the Valaam", 1865) bring the artist fame and numerous commissions.
 Recently, he was forced to take and carry out, for they were for the artist almost the only source of income. Associated with the operation of the fuss is hardly conducive to in-depth work of the artist on his compositions. Perhaps this was the reason that a gifted painter and academician of landscape painting (from 1868) P.P.Dzhogin, came very close to the hill country of fine art, tried to storm one of her if not the highest peaks.

In his works, at first expressed some talent, but then began to work directly.

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