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Chirino Procopius Ivanovich (? -1621/23)

C amy great master Stroganov School, "Sovereign's painter." Almost all the known works of Procopius Chirino associated with orders Stroganoff family.

 Creative manner Procopius Chirino - Handwriting of miniature, with a reduced propensity for forms and calligraphic details of the letters, and this restrained, prone to monochrome, range of colors, the desire for a particular spirituality images. It is the poetry of religious feeling makes it stand out among the artists of the Stroganov School. It is no accident preferred master odnofigurnye images always concentrated expression Distinguishing faces, calculated on individual perception, admiring up close, not in the temple and at home, not in humans, and in prayerful solitude in which his characters reside.

That is for example, the icon of "Nikita Warrior" (1593, TG). It is characterized, among other things, colorful color, based on a deep blue background, typical iconography Godunov period. Slightly bending the knees and bowed his head, holy prayed to the Virgin, depicted in the upper right corner of the icon. Brittle, weak, lonely emptiness in the dark background, Nikita Ch nothing like the heroic images of the saints of ancient iconography - it extremely "humanized" his experiences near and dear to the simple believer.

 Working in collaboration with Nikifor Savin Procopius Chirino at the beginning of the XVII century. performed the left part of the triptych - "Deesis" (TG). Here, well-defined outline of the image further underlined golden stroke. Color is based on a combination of contrasting green, red and violet-brown, generally built in a dull dusky tones. Also co-written and Savin 'the image of the Virgin of Vladimir small size of the acts around, "in which" banner and space ... and the middle of all of Procopius Chirino letter. "

Procopius attributed Chirino icon "John the Baptist, Angel of the desert" (the first third of the XVII century.) Clearly confirms that the iconography of XVI century. opened the way for the landscape. Desert St. John the Baptist in Procopius Chirino - this is not the usual "decorative", "hills", and a diverse landscape with hills, ravines, rivers and plants, including live human beings, animals and birds. Against this diverse background is the major figure of the saint. The more acute in the icon is the theme of the tragic loneliness of the human soul in the world.

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