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Chernetsova Gregory and Nicanor Grigoreviche


The fate of brothers GG and NG Chernetsov, talented people from the people, is typical of the time: first, they have overcome many obstacles to achieve their goals, and then faithfully served his art education theory, and in the end, instead of being grateful contemporaries, their expect oblivion and poverty.

Chernetsova only worked a lot. Creativity of each of them has not undergone any major changes, so looks holistically. They went to Russia and its various imprints kinds of places, made endless sketches and studies from nature. Based on this material and then contacted in the master pattern. New for their time commitment to the accuracy of the documentary in the image of what he saw was connected with the artists of the classic academic schooling, with the desire to see the light ideal in nature.

In their paintings present a joyful sense of discovery life around (not a stranger, not abstract, not schematic). Each time they re gazing at nature, not allowing yourself to fall into a routine worked out once receiving. Hence the appeal of a great art Chernetsov, its charm. Chernetsova were not disciples A. Venetsianov , but without reaching the scale of the depth of his talent and creativity, were largely on his way. This way - "slavish adherence to nature" (AG Venetsianov) and interest to mother nature, to its own national existence.

However, in contrast to the Venetsianov brothers went for the other countries (visited Italy, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Greece, Turkey) and there also worked tirelessly, but most of these works (with the exception of a number of Italian) is significantly inferior made in Russia . My father was a painter brothers. Drawing and general education science teaching them Yevgraf older brother, also painter.

In 1819, seventeen-year-Gregory Tchernetsov arrived in St. Petersburg to enroll in the Academy of Arts. He was not accepted in the number of state-owned students, but allowed every two hours to draw from the originals. The first three years in St. Petersburg, Gregory lived in abject poverty, only to the poor means that sent him Yevgraf. But he worked hard, and in 1822 got their pictures silver medal. OPH has appointed a talented young man a scholarship.

In 1823 OPH has taken under his wing and had come to his brother Nicanor Tchernetsoff. Brothers studied at the Academy of Arts landscape AM Vorobyov .

In 1827, they graduated from the Academy with small gold medals for images of interiors of the Hermitage. Nicanor Tchernetsov the nature of the gift more gravitated to the landscape. Gregory interests were broader: in addition to landscapes he painted portraits, interiors, massive multi-figured scenes. Both brothers were not only highly skilled painters, but also excellent draftsman. After graduating from the Academy of Arts Gregory enlisted artist in "The Cabinet of His Majesty." His duties included the image of the various formal events - meetings, celebrations, parades, prayer service, etc.

His main work of this kind - a huge canvas "parade to mark the end of military operations in the Kingdom of Poland, October 6, 1831 at the Empress meadow in St. Petersburg" (1832-37). More than half of the picture is sky with clouds running on it. The bright sun illuminates the enormous parade ground with countless dissimilar figures of soldiers. Left - the emperor on horseback and entourage. But in the foreground there is something unusual. All his center and the first part is a collective portrait of his contemporaries.

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