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Blinkov Alexander Alexandrovich (1911-1987)

The famous Soviet battle scenes Alexander Blinkov his passion for fine arts studies implemented (1932-1939) at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Russian Academy of Arts in Leningrad (since 1944 - IZHSA named Ilya Repin ).

His thesis was devoted to the heroic and romantic in those days, the topic of the Civil War (First Horse near Voronezh), and his first solo "art battle" took in the Soviet-Finnish War. This was followed by the Great Patriotic War and the painting by Blinkova "Taking Tikhvin" (1941-1942), "Guerrilla Trail" (1945), "Kursk" (1957-1959), a series of "Roads of War" (1964-1965) - just a few from the works of an artist of military subjects.

AA Blinkov took part in the creation of monumental works. In collaboration he completed panorama "Defense of Petrograd" diorama "Storming of the Winter Palace" (1957), "Volgograd Battle" (1962).

We note that in recent times there has its advantages and disadvantages of the system of government and public demands for the creation of artistic works. In the re-form it in the future, perhaps, should have a right to exist - not to give the same entirely to certain individuals with tight wallets such an important national cause.

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