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Albert Nikolaevich Benois (1852-1936)

Benoit (Albert N.) - Academician of watercolor painting (1884), and her teacher at the Academy of Arts (since 1885), the son of a professor of architecture, NL Benoit was born in 1852, grew up in the 5th St. Petersburg High School, after which in 1871 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of architecture, from which came out in 1877 with the rank of artist m 1st degree.

Since then, Benoit has devoted himself entirely to painting watercolor classes, with the advice and guidance of Professor LO Premazzi.

Undoubted talent, said Benoit represented 29 watercolors from nature (to the annual examination 1883), prompted the council to apply for academy royal permission to send Benoit 2 years abroad for improvements in the watercolor painting.

Having been in Italy, France and Spain, in 1885, Benoit returned to St. Petersburg and to report to the Academy 19 watercolors executed on the south coast of France (Beaulieu and Vilefransh) and San Remo (Northern Italy), which gave the title of Benoit teacher of watercolor painting classes in the academy.

Works Benoit often appear on the exhibitions of the Russian watercolors, which he Founder and energetic leader.

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