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Baksheev Vasili Nikolayevich

Russian painter, a master of landscapes and genre paintings in the spirit of the "Union of Russian Artists" ("allies").

Born in Moscow, 12 (24) December 1862 in the family of an official. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Moscow School of Painting, 1877-1888), in particular in  AKSavrasov and  VDPolenov . Lived in Moscow. He was a member of the "Society of the Wanderers", as well as one of the organizers and the most distinctive artists' Union of Russian Artists "(from 1903). Since 1922 consisted AHRR. Lived mainly in Moscow.

Continued the tradition of poetic chronicles "Wanderers" in their genres - idyllic (Girl feeding the pigeons, 1887, Tretyakov Gallery), or, on the contrary, depressing and alarming (everyday prose, 1892-1893, ibid.) Many worked as a landscape painter, joining a tight-impressionistic style with a soft symbolic generalization of images (Autumn Rays, 1916, Russian Museum). After the revolution, became the leading landscape bed of his work (popular Blue Spring, 1930, Spring Day, 1940, both work - in the Tretyakov Gallery). Sometimes attached to their images memorial and political importance (the cycle at home Kalinin, 1947), in general, showed a trend toward "solitude of the landscape", typical of many Russian artists of those years, especially the former "allies."

Stalin Prize in 1943. Many worked as a teacher: from 1894 he taught at the Moscow School of Painting and other schools.

Baksheev died in Moscow on 28 September 1958. Posthumously he published his Memoirs (1963).

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