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Sergei Antonov

Architect, stage designer, painter, graphic artist, prepodavatel.Risovaniem fond of since childhood. At first he studied with landscape painter Professor Yu Yu Clover. In 1909 he graduated from the Riga Polytechnic Institute, where he received an engineer-architect. In the same year he moved to St. Petersburg, where he remained until 1914 at IAH. May 28 (June 10), 1914 awarded the title of artist-architect for the building project of the State Council.

For academic excellence was awarded a two-year pensionerstva in Europe. Visited Italy, France, Germany, performed there many urban landscapes.

In 1915 he was invited to teach composition and drawing in art-industrial school them. NF Fan der Fleet in Pskov. Having accepted the offer, he lived and worked until 1920 in Pskov.

In 1920, Antonov returned to Latvia. He taught at the University of Latvia, where from 1921 he was an assistant professor E. Laube in the architectural studio.

He was a member of the Latvian Society of Architects, has worked on projects of reconstruction of old Riga. In scientific work dealt with the problem using the forms of popular housing in modern construction.

Many prominent public buildings erected in Riga project Antonova: cinemas, hotel, printing and others. In 1926 he built the house of the newspaper "Today" on Dzirnavu in 1930 - the restaurant "Lido" in Dzintary, cinema "Gajsma" on Tallinas in 1935 - Latvia Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels, for which he was awarded two gold medals and the Order Leopold II.

From 1926 to 1931, consisted primarily of Russian drama theater decorator in Riga. He has designed numerous plays and also in the Latvian theaters.

In the artist's paintings attracted predominantly urban landscape: he wrote the Old Riga, complementing types of made-up stories and a sort of scenery, skillfully mastered specific architectural drawing. Often wrote Jurmala.

Antonov style - a distinctive, highly recognizable and memorable. Often, the artist did not sign his work.

The last architectural work of Antonov became in 1954 the hotel "Riga". All authors have awarded prizes, but Antonov - the project rejected it, because contrary to his plan to put the hotel in abundance than in his opinion, mutilated project. Excitement associated with the construction of the hotel "Riga", have led to the fact that Antonov was seriously ill, suffered a stroke and died.

A posthumous exhibition of Antonov in 1956 in Riga, which included more than 600 works, organized by AF Eglit, director of the Riga Museum of Art, a former student at the Pskov Antonov Art and Design school.

On the 90th anniversary of the Antonov State Art Museum of Latvia had another of his great show.

In 1998 Riga antique shop Volmar set of Antonov among four other Russian artists of the early twentieth century. Then work Antonov appeared in our office, "Teykas us."

Graphic and pictorial works of the artist are in the Russian Museum, the many museums in Riga, including the Art Museum, the Museum of Architecture, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, in museums in Tallinn, Moscow, Jurmala, in the Pskov museum-reserve, as well as in many private collections Latvia and America.

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