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David Davidovich Burliuk (1882-1967)


David Burliuk was born in 1882 in a remote area Semiratovschina Kharkov province in the family of landed estates manager. On leaving school in 1898, entered the Kazan Art School. In the 1899-1901 years. studies at the Odessa Art School. Since 1902 continued his studies abroad at the Royal Academy in Munich, then in Cormon's studio in Paris.
From 1905 to act as participants, and often the organizer, the exhibition "The Union of Russian Artists", "Garland Stefanos'" Modern trends in art "," Link "(Kiev), exhibitions of" Jack of Diamonds "," New Art Society ", etc.

In 1910 he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, from which, together with Mayakovsky was expelled in 1914

During this period, along with the exposure of their works at exhibitions in Russia and abroad, takes an active part in public debates on contemporary art, serves as an art critic. Organizer of the first futuristic literary and artistic association "Galea". Burliuk is one of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde. The artist also worked in the field of book illustrations and theatrical set design.

In the 1914-1919 years. constantly involved in the organization of exhibitions and literary evenings of new art in cities in Siberia and the Far East.

In 1921-1922,. lives and works in Japan. Along with the paintings and drawings creates poetry and two books of prose.

In 1922, he moved to America, where he continued to take an active part in the exhibitions of Russian artists. Engaged in literary and publishing activities. In the 60-ies. held solo exhibitions of the artist in San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, New York.

In 1967 Burliuk died in hospital in Southampton, Log Island.

Burliuk was posthumously elected to the American Academy of Arts.

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