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Erassi Michael Spiridonovich (1823-1898)

Erassi (Michael Spiridonovich) - landscape painter, son of Nijinsky Greek, born in 1823, received his education at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Professor M. Vorobyov .

Going through the academic course, was awarded in 1851, with the view in the vicinity of Vyborg, a small gold medal, and the following year, after another view of the same area, and a large awarded a medal along with the title of the artist Class XIV and the right to overseas trip as a pensioner of the Academy. Going into this trip in 1854, he worked in Geneva, under the guidance of Calama and more than any of his students, assimilated character and his painting techniques.

In 1857, for sending them from Geneva three types of neighborhoods of the city academy recognized Erassi academician, and then, in 1860, for the views of Lake of Four Cantons (located in Moscow's public museum), Lake Geneva and the Reichenbach Falls (at the Tretyakov Gallery In Moscow) erected it in the title of professor. His works were the last on the Academic exhibition in 1863

Since that time, he settled near Berlin, completely gave up painting. From the paintings of this artist you can specify other than those mentioned above, four, in the museum of the Emperor Alexander III, namely, to "Swiss form", "bank of the estuary near Chambery," "View near Vyborg" and "Winter Landscape".

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