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Eggink Ivan Ye (1787-1867)

Eggink (Ivan Ye, 1787 - 1867) - a historical painter and portraitist, born in Courland, and in 1813 - 1814. attended art classes at the Imperial Academy of Arts as a student volnoprihodyaschego. After to continue their education, worked in Dresden, Berlin, Bonn, Munich and Italy mainly historical painting, and in 1822 in Verona, where he was then Emperor Alexander I, on the occasion of the Congress, presented this sovereign several of his works ("The Great Prince Vladimir elect religion ", copies of paintings" The Entombment "by Raphael, and the" Danae "by Titian, seventeen miniatures, mostly copies of portraits of famous people.)

These works were purchased by the Emperor, and their appointed contractor pension from the treasury for the six-year stay in Rome.

Returning to Russia in 1829, Eggink has received from the Academy in 1833, the title of class artist and in 1834, for a portrait of the fabulist Krylov (located in the conference hall of the Academy), the title of Academician. He then lived in Mitau, where from 1837 to 1858. was an art teacher in high school.

Of his original works, except for the above, well-known: "The death of the Marquis Poses," "Ulysses and Nausicaa" (in Courland Museum, Mitava), "Landing of Julius Caesar in Britain" (bought a Scottish nobleman), "The Girl from Albano" "The Roman" and some very good portraits.

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