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Johann Heinrich Wedekind (1674-1736)

Baltic artist Wedekind (1674-1736), who lived in Russia since 1725, worked on the orders of the imperial court and was popular with St. Petersburg: its peculiar creative manner respond to the new tastes of the residents of St. Petersburg.

 Wedekind's work is mainly in private collections, so in the 1920s through the Petrograd branch of the State Museum Fund they went peripheral museums. The artist, his work was once "filled all the walls of houses in St. Petersburg," now all but disappeared from the museums of St. Petersburg. One of his works, got to our meeting in the twenties, a portrait of Adam Gustav von Ulrich presented a Baltic nobleman. Heavyweight impasto painting a portrait and a little gruff: the young baron with pink elongated face and full lips seems a little awkward and stiff. On the back of the canvas is inscribed by the artist: "AGv Ulrich, Natus 1710-E. 3 Sep.", And below "IHWedekind. Fecit 1731. A Revall". The inscription translates portrait in the reference category of scripts, which is essential for the further search of work of this master.

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