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Fyodor Vasilyev (1850-1873)

Russian painter, landscape painter Fyodor Vasilyev was born February 10, 1850 in St. Petersburg, in a family of small Pochtamtskaya official. Even a child of twelve Fyodor was given to the service at the main post office. From an early age addicted to drawing, the future artist devoted all his spare time at the post office to his hobby. Artist's childhood was marred not only poverty, but also the tragic fate of his father, after whose death in 1865 was the mainstay of the family Vasiliev - on the shoulders of 15-year-old boy went to care for their daily bread.

Vasiliev worked at the Academy of Fine Arts restorer P. K. Sokolov , and continued his studies in art. Finally, choosing the path of the artist, he entered the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, which communicates with the talented young people actively involved in the creative life. The atmosphere which surrounded the future artist, helped him to feel and understand the changes that took place then, and the arts, and in life in general. Much love and authority enjoyed teaching in the school I. Kramskoi , with whom the artist was close to all his short life. Somewhat later Vasiliev approaches the AI Shishkin , who is respected mentor budding artist.

In June 1867 Shishkin and Vasiliev sent to Balaam, where aspiring artist who is familiar with before only drawing techniques, understands features of the method of work on location. Listening to the advice of Shishkin future landscape at the same time expand their choice of motifs and techniques of image. He appears cognitive interest in various natural phenomena. Valaam artist comes close to the St. Petersburg landscape painters. In 1867, Mr. Vasiliev wrote a few sketches from nature, which have been exhibited at the Society for Encouragement of Arts. His best work is considered to Valaam sketch "On the island of Valaam. Stones. "(1868).

Acquired images of nature in painting artist spirituality, a special poetic, romanticism and depth of feeling. These features are defined already in the landscapes of 1868 - 69 "Return of the Herd", "Before the Rain," in which the artist captures a vivid and spectacular moments of the life of nature. In these paintings painting style is characterized by a sonorous accents of color patches, the dynamism of the free stroke. Famous painting "Village Street" and "After the Storm", performed at the same time, strongly associated with the current theme for Vassiliev rural landscape and are characterized poluzhanrovym story, the motive of the road, striving to bring the contents of the picture within the picture.

Vasiliev is constantly in creative research, not satisfied yet. Great influence in this period had on the work of the artist Barbizon School T. Rousseau, J. Dupré, M. Diaz, struck it spiritual perception of nature depicted in simple stories.

In 1868 the artist presented to the competition by the Company to promote artists painting "The Return of the Herd", which was a result of his year's work. The film received high praise.

Further work is Vasilyeva free from any influences, together with the accumulation of experience from the artist matures own concept of art. The artist wanted to update painting, free it from the convention receptions. This problem is approached Vasiliev in his work-related trip to Tambov province, where he experienced a sense of communion with nature, full of vitality and poetic charm. The artist was then in a state of creative inspiration, which he tried to express in his paintings. Admiring the sensuous beauty of nature, he seeks to show the joy of his spiritual involvement in it. Known for such films of this period: "Early Morning," After the Rain, "" Evening, "" The Village ", etc.

In 1870, Vasiliev, together with Repin and Makarov made a trip on the Volga, which emerged as a result of drawings and paintings, "View of the Volga. Barges "," Volga Lagoons "," Winter Landscape "," Approaching Storm "," Before the Storm ", etc. Here the artist sought to picture the generality of landscape image, tonal unity of colors, lyrical experience of nature.

Back in St. Petersburg Vasilyev has created one of the most important of his works - "The Thaw", which was presented in early spring 1871 to encourage competition in the Society of Artists and was awarded the first prize. This painting carried a high social content, it all imbued with sorrow and sadness, inspired by the artist bitter reflections on the life of the Russian countryside.

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