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Toropov Gavrilovic Thomas (1821-1898)

Thomas Toropov Gavrilovic was known in the middle of the XIX century, a master of still life and portraiture. For his work Still Life. Flowers and fruit painter received in 1846 from the Academy of Fine Arts degree class artist.

Loving Art, Thomas Gavrilovic could not be content with finding at such a low level of artistic hierarchy. His subsequent successes were related to portraiture.

His "Family Portrait", written in 1848, called the endorsement was purchased and is now in the Russian Museum.

By 1854 skill FG Toropova has grown so much that for a series of portraits, he was promoted to the rank "assigned" to the Academy.

In 1856, the artist made to the Council of the Academy "Portrait of State Councilor Maslova," for which he was awarded the title of Academician.

And in the years to FG Hurry to rejoice the audience with their warm and beautiful paintings, often combining them to your favorite genres - the portrait and still life. Such, for example, simple but full of kindness "Portrait of the Artist's Wife", now kept in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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